[Hot Drop] Innovator – Lab #2 Mixtape

Innovator dropped his second mixtape “Lab #2”, which is downloadable for free at many Korean hip hop sites such as Hiphopplaya. However, I wasn’t sure if it was legal for me to put the download links here, so I just provided two songs that was posted on YouTube by hiphopplaya. Also, he will be performing most of the songs at INDEPENDENCE DAY: Vol.2 – INDEPENDENT RECORDS THE CONCERT with the featured artists in the mixtape.

Let My Tape Rock [Click to Listen] << I love the sampling he used
Unstoppable Speaker [Click to Listen] << I like the soft, simple beat & instrumentation

Full mixtape download link via Hiphopplaya here


[Hot Drop] Crucial Star – A Star From The Basement

Today, Crucial Star released his highly anticipated album “A Star From The Basement”. I just finished listening to the whole album, and here are my comments:

My favorite track – 10. Not An Easy Answer (쉽지않은 대답) [Click to Listen]
Maybe it’s because Crucial himself produced this track (not that all the producers in this album are phenomenal), I thought the music and Crucial’s voice mixed very well. Also, I liked his message in the song, which is basically questioning his dream and happiness. (Perhaps it’s because I am also undergoing that phase in my life as a senior college student? lols) Lastly, I liked the overall melancholy feel the song conveys.

Suggested Tracks:
03. What’s This Art For [Click to Listen]
04. Super Crucial Rap [Click to Listen]
09. I Just Wanna [Click to Listen]
20. From The Basement [Click to Listen]

[Hot Drop] Swings – I Am Strong (feat. Rimi, XL)

Swings released this track “I Am Strong” which was excluded from his second album “Upgrade II” because the it did not follow the overall mood of the album. Featured artists on this track include Rimi and XL, and each artist talk about the hardships one had undergone throughout their careers. Although this track has a very gloomy and deep motif, it truly discusses the honest struggles of the three rappers.

[Click to Listen]

Source: Hiphopplaya

[News] The Return of Dynamic Duo

They’re back !
On August 7th, Choiza & Gaeko will be discharged from the Korean army after two years of mandatory service. Dynamic Duo is already preparing an album to celebrate their return to the Korean hip hop scene and their 10th year anniversary as a team. In addition, Gaeko recently got married in May, adding even more to the celebration. Welcome back !!!

Source: Hiphopplaya

[News] Tiger JK and Tasha to Collaborate in Amerie’s New Album

This was sent to me by Miles Gillurd via email:

It has been revealed by Amerie in an interview with Billboard.com that she will collaborate with Tiger JK and Tasha on her new album, and that she will also be featured in Tasha’s upcoming album.

On the last album you collaborated with Trey Songz, Fabolous, and Lil Wayne. Any collaborations this time around?

I did a Korean version of “Outside Your Body” with Drunken Tiger’s (Korean/American hip-hop group) member, [Tiger] JK and his wife (Tasha Reid). Those are my collaborations. JK is like the Korean Jay-Z. She’s (Tasha) also a rapper. They’re both amazing. I’m doing a record or two for Tasha’s upcoming album. I haven’t done it yet, and she’s probably going to kill me because I’ve been running around doing so much.

Amerie was born to Korean mother, artist Mi Suk and African-American father, Charles. In 2005, Amerie released her biggest hit to date, “1 Thing”. Last year, she released a remix version of the song “Heard ‘Em All” for Asian edition of “In Love & War” where she collaborated with 4 Minute and rapper Junhyung of BEAST.

Amerie’s new single “Firestarter” will be released later this summer

[Full Interview]