[Hot Drop] Crucial Star – A Star From The Basement

Today, Crucial Star released his highly anticipated album “A Star From The Basement”. I just finished listening to the whole album, and here are my comments:

My favorite track – 10. Not An Easy Answer (쉽지않은 대답) [Click to Listen]
Maybe it’s because Crucial himself produced this track (not that all the producers in this album are phenomenal), I thought the music and Crucial’s voice mixed very well. Also, I liked his message in the song, which is basically questioning his dream and happiness. (Perhaps it’s because I am also undergoing that phase in my life as a senior college student? lols) Lastly, I liked the overall melancholy feel the song conveys.

Suggested Tracks:
03. What’s This Art For [Click to Listen]
04. Super Crucial Rap [Click to Listen]
09. I Just Wanna [Click to Listen]
20. From The Basement [Click to Listen]


[Hot Drop] Crucial Star – What’s This Art For

Crucial released another track from his upcoming album “A Star From The Basement”, which will drop on August 5th. In “What’s This Art For”, Crucial Star questions the passion and the substance of the current hip hop scene. He argues that hip hop artists are straying away from the genre’s fundamentals to pursue monetary gains and mainstream fame.

Also, the second verse is based on Crucial’s true experience at a underground hip hop performance, when he witnessed so-called “underground rappers” focusing more on dance choreography and appearances than actual rapping.

Source: Hiphopplaya.com

[Click to Listen]
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[Drop Watch] Crucial Star – A Star From The Basement

Crucial Star announced the track list for his next EP “A Star From The Basement,” which will drop on August 4th. Interestingly, it is made of five “chapters,” throughout which Crucial finds and establishes himself as a rapper. The songs are produced by blockbuster producers such as G-Slow, The Quiett, Prima Vista, and Kimy Fiesta, as well as Crucial Star himself. Featuring include The Quiett, Jerry.k, Swings, B-Free, JJK, Donutman, and CZA. I’m looking forward to listen “No Pain No Gain” and “From the Basement” the bonus track. Can’t wait !!

Track List
Chapter 1 – The Question
01. Last Trip
02. Real Me
03. What’s This Art For
04. SCR (Super Crucial Rap)

Chapter 2 – Mind Travel
05. What’s Your Name (feat. Swings)
06. 그릇
07. No More Romance (feat. 조현아)
08. One Better Day
09. I Just Wanna (feat. CZA)

Chapter 3 – Love, Dream & Happiness
10. 쉽지않은 대답
11. 시간이 없어
12. 옷가게 (Can’t Go Out) (feat. Donutman)
13. Chocoholic (Rebirth)

Chapter 4 – Hope Blooming In Despair
14. 개꿈
15. No Pay No Gain (feat. Jerry.k)
16. Pain 09
17. Stupid Love Song

Chapter 5 – The Cure
18. 약속
19. Deep In A Dream (Outro)

20. From The Basement (feat. B-Free, JJK, The Quiett)