[Hot Drop] Innovator – Lab #2 Mixtape

Innovator dropped his second mixtape “Lab #2”, which is downloadable for free at many Korean hip hop sites such as Hiphopplaya. However, I wasn’t sure if it was legal for me to put the download links here, so I just provided two songs that was posted on YouTube by hiphopplaya. Also, he will be performing most of the songs at INDEPENDENCE DAY: Vol.2 – INDEPENDENT RECORDS THE CONCERT with the featured artists in the mixtape.

Let My Tape Rock [Click to Listen] << I love the sampling he used
Unstoppable Speaker [Click to Listen] << I like the soft, simple beat & instrumentation

Full mixtape download link via Hiphopplaya here


[Drop Watch] Basick – Classick

After two years of preparation, the super-rookie Basick of Independent Records will be dropping his first LP “Classick” in August. The album focuses about Basick’s own personal experiences in the Korean hip hop society, rather than a third-person storytelling. Also, it includes featuring from Vasco, B-Free, InnoVator, Crybaby, Jay Moon, and Kim Sae Han Gil. Producers include DJ Soulscape, Pe2ny, The Quiett, Vida Loca, Sorihaeda, Duckdap, Crybaby, Luka, Jay Kidman, Kim Sae Han Gil, and P’ SOUND.

With such hot featuring artists and producers, Basick intends to notify the Korean hiphoppers that although he is young, but he is here to stay.

Source: Hiphopplaya.com

Track List:
01. BASICK INSTINCT / Prod. Jay Kidman
02. B.A.S.I.C.K / Prod. Duckdap
03. RHYMIN’ / Prod. Vida Loca
04. CHECK IT OUT (Ft. Jay Moon, DJ Tiz) / Prod. Pe2ny
05. ENTOURAGE / Prod. Luka
06. BOUNCE (Ft. VASCO) / Prod. Jay Kidman
07. HEAD & TAIL (Ft. Crybaby) / Prod. The Quiett
08. I’M A WINNER NOW / Prod. Duckdap
09. DOUBLE TROUBLE (Ft. InnoVator) / Prod. P’Sound
10. BASEMENT / Prod. Duckdap
11. GET UP (Ft. 김새한길) / Prod. Kim Sae Han Gil
12. U R NOT ALONE / Prod. DJ Soulscape
13. RAPPER’S NIGHT (Ft. B-Free) / Prod. 소리헤다
14. GOOD LIFE (Ft. 김새한길) / Prod. Crybaby

[Drop Watch] Innovator – Lab #2 Mixtape

Innovator will be releasing his second mixtape, “Lab #II”. Like his first mixtape, this one will be available for free as well. Few tracks that I would listen to are “Robot Die” as the Double Trouble duo reunite, and “Officially Missing You” remix because I loved the version by Geeks.

Source: Hiphopplaya.com

Track List:
01. Life is Hiphop / Hiphop is Love
02. Bars (Prod by P’sound)
03. Who dat
04. Let My Tape Rock
05. Realization
06. Robot Die (Feat. Basick)
07. Shining Star (Feat. Cry Baby)
08. Testimony
09. Let’s Rock OG Version (Feat. JJK)
10. Gravity B ver (Feat. New Champ / Prod. by Duckdap)
11. Cigaraillos
12. 이게 나인데 (Feat. Rimi)
13. Do It Right (Feat. Swings / Prod. by Luka)
14. 날아가 (Feat. 김새한길)
15. Holiday
16. God Son (Feat. Vee X Killa)
17. Officially Missing You (RMX with Geeks)
18. 권효가
19. Y.O.K.B.N. (Feat. Jay Moon)
20. Drama Girl (Feat. Crucial Star)
21. 연구실
22. 꺼지지 않는 speaker