[Hot Drop] Crucial Star – A Star From The Basement

Today, Crucial Star released his highly anticipated album “A Star From The Basement”. I just finished listening to the whole album, and here are my comments:

My favorite track – 10. Not An Easy Answer (쉽지않은 대답) [Click to Listen]
Maybe it’s because Crucial himself produced this track (not that all the producers in this album are phenomenal), I thought the music and Crucial’s voice mixed very well. Also, I liked his message in the song, which is basically questioning his dream and happiness. (Perhaps it’s because I am also undergoing that phase in my life as a senior college student? lols) Lastly, I liked the overall melancholy feel the song conveys.

Suggested Tracks:
03. What’s This Art For [Click to Listen]
04. Super Crucial Rap [Click to Listen]
09. I Just Wanna [Click to Listen]
20. From The Basement [Click to Listen]