[Hot Drop] Swings – I Am Strong (feat. Rimi, XL)

Swings released this track “I Am Strong” which was excluded from his second album “Upgrade II” because the it did not follow the overall mood of the album. Featured artists on this track include Rimi and XL, and each artist talk about the hardships one had undergone throughout their careers. Although this track has a very gloomy and deep motif, it truly discusses the honest struggles of the three rappers.

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[Hot Drop] Swings – Upgrade II

After one year in the makings, Swings the “Punchline King” dropped his long awaited album “Upgrade II” today. It is his first album as a CEO of his newly established label, “Just Music Ent.” Judging from his past music, the album surprisingly did not just target the hip hop fanatics, but the mainstream listeners as well. In addition, the two title tracks, “It’s Just Music” and “Touch You”, are predicted to draw large amount of overground listeners. Featuring artists include Vasco, The Quiett, Dok2, Verbal Jint, Cho PD, B-Free, and others.

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Track List:
01 The King Is Back
02 자, 이제 니가 해 봐 (Feat. Vasco)
03 It`s Just Music
04 일 안 해도 돼 (Feat. Dok2, The Quiett, 단아)
05 Change`D` The Game (Feat. Verbal Jint)
06 날려버렸어
07 짜증나게 하지 마 (Feat. Big Tray)
08 For The Hustlers
09 양아치에서 날라리로
10 Touch You
11 You Wanna Be A Star? (Feat. 조PD)
12 Punchline 놀이 II
13 그럼 가 (Feat. Zion.T)
14 지금부터 잘하면 돼 (Feat. Tyra)
15 Welcome To The Jungle (Feat. B-Free)
16 내 인생의 첫 Review